About Us

Hey everyone! 

I'm Emma and I am the owner of John G's Menswear, a brother shop in conjunction with Bonita Clothing and Co. As the owner of a women's boutique, I saw the need for trend wear / street wear apparel in our small town not only for women but for men as well. So I thought I would dabble into menswear and see what kind of fashion we can bring the men of the Kawartha Lakes. 

You can find our items here (online) but also at our sister shop Bonita Clothing and Co at 4 1/2 Cambridge Street in Lindsay, Ontario directly across from the historic Fire Hall and City Buildings. We have a small area in the shop geared towards mens apparel, for now anyways, while we grow our presence. 

Now you may be wondering where we got the name from - or maybe not -  but we are going to tell you anyways. Much like Bonita Clothing, this name has meaning too. It is named after my father, John and his middle name, Gerard. A man who never really "had time" for fashion because he worked the fields 24/7 as a farmer and frankly did not really cared what he wore. It was whatever my mom brought home, he wore. Now I say 'really' because he did have some opinions on what was brought home for him! I presume that some ladies will be doing the exact same for the men in their life. That is why we thought we would trial our mens shop within the women's store. 

At John G's, we understand the importance of making mens fashion simple and easy. That's why we have started this shop - to make it easy to shop for mens fashion in small town Lindsay, Ontario.